OMG — I’m in Rent Heaven

You don’t need all the gory details, but my better half and I decided to escape Mother Nature’s wrath and head south for the winter. Like so many feathered friends before me, we flew the coop and traded in our wool and slickers for lighter gear. Continue reading OMG — I’m in Rent Heaven

My $200 tomato

Well, it’s official. I’m probably the worst gardener on earth. Continue reading My $200 tomato

My House: The Igloo

Wow. My house is shivering. I wish I could wrap it in a giant electric blanket. Continue reading My House: The Igloo

My trees are taking a nap.

Well, my trees have decided to settle down for the winter. But, of course, they’ll dump their gorgeous plumes all over my yard before they say adios. I wish they’d invent hair-nets for trees! Continue reading My trees are taking a nap.

My book’s ‘delightmare.’

I should have been a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. The joy of rejection has become my new mantra. After all, I chose to self-publish a humorous hard bound book — Shouldn’t I have expected abuse for my artistic effort? Continue reading My book’s ‘delightmare.’

Delightmare on YouTube

Hey, everybody! Back by popular demand (yep…) Check out the Recreation Maintenance (Chap. 5) on YouTube!

Neighborhood Posturing.

Lets form a committee to study the effects of butterfly poop. Or, maybe our village should allow senior citizen nudist pinochle. What matters is that our neighborhood outmaneuver other neighborhoods by being seen as the leader in building a communal love-sandwich. RIGHT? Continue reading Neighborhood Posturing.

My De-Fence against Deer.

I’ve been ordered by “the top brass” to create a simple barrier between her Spring garden and the Bambi in our midst. Folks have told me to hire a professional. Heck, I don’t need any expert showing me how to dig a hole and plant a post. Oops… Or, do I? Continue reading My De-Fence against Deer.

Climatic Indigestion

EEK! Hibernation is looking better all the time… It’s spitting cats and dogs, outside — And, my poor house is bearing the brunt of atmospheric flatulence.

Remember the ‘ol days — way back when cars had real bumpers… I don’t recall Mother Nature being so mean. Of course, I was a kid and didn’t have modern worries. Now, my house and I try to survive the Holiday Season’s wear ‘n tear by humming Christmas songs, like ‘The Little Plumber Boy’ — ra bum pa pum pum. Continue reading Climatic Indigestion

My Weather-O-Meter

Mother nature just pooped on me.

I think it’s fair to say that as a homeowner, I’m more sensitive to the natural element’s effect on my mood.

Continue reading My Weather-O-Meter