OMG — I’m in Rent Heaven

You don’t need all the gory details, but my better half and I decided to escape Mother Nature’s wrath and head south for the winter. Like so many feathered friends before me, we flew the coop and traded in our wool and slickers for lighter gear.So, how’s it feel to still own a house sitting by itself in the cold north, while you wallow away the hours in some sunny rented beach shanty? GREAT! Are you kidding? Sure, I lay awake at night worrying that anything and everything will go wrong while we’re away — But, the benefit of not being responsible for maintaining, fixing, and caring about the future of this temporary abode makes it all OK!

Let’s be clear about this — I don’t do anything! (I lied… I take out the garbage) If there’s a leak, I ignore it. If this was my place, there would be days of drama about why the leak happened, how much it’ll cost to fix… Do I repair it myself? Or, hire the world’s most expensive plumber and watch dollar bills fly out the window?

So, all the things I’ve talked about — the pride of ownership, and joy of seeing your own place start to fester like we all do… That’s on hold.

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