Ants in my Pants

Well, the invasion has begun. No, not the Martians — the creepy crawlers out in my garage. And, don’t ask me why they’ve decided to march in, now…
I called a pet store, in hopes of finding an Ant Eater. I’ve seen pictures — They’re kind’a cute and have that family resemblance. But, no luck.

Next, I rummaged through the cupboards looking for any sort nuclear goo that we might have left over from past wars with mosquitoes, bees, bad neighbors, and the like. I found some dandelion killer, and tried that — I figured, at least they’d  get the hint.

So, the ants are gone. But, I’m afraid they’re not ‘gone-gone’. I think they just moved to a friendlier spot. I’m tempted to install a sort of video surveillance — a kind of ‘ant-cam’, with an alarm. I don’t like ants. They bug me.

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