Fix Something, Break Something

I think the Home Ownership gods are mad at me. I can’t seem to attempt any around-the-house fix-up projects without breaking something else in the process. I guess I’m a klutz.

There seems to be a pattern — My lovely wife will grumble about some creature comfort gone wacky; The cupboard handle is loose, the screen door squeaks, or something simple like, “Why can’t our house be 10,000 square feet bigger?”

Now, I don’t mind the expense of the repair. Or, the fact that it’ll take days to find my tools because my loving family members don’t know how to return something to where it belongs. I don’t even mind the interruption in my schedule or the time it takes to do the task. WHAT DRIVES ME CRAZY is that the screw will split the wood that needs some glue that stains the counter that cracks because you leaned against it!

So, there you have it. No repair happens without reciprocation. If you attack a project, it will fight back.

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