Homeowner’s To-Do Lists are Longer

I have a memory like a sieve — and, if I don’t keep a daily list, I can never remember what I’m supposed to do. And as a fellow homeowner, I think our lists are the grand daddies. I have lists of lists. My lists are so long, they come with titles like, “My life story. Part 6.”, or “The Return of Honey-Do.”

Of course, renters have lists. But, homeowner’s lists take on a new dimension. I challenge any renter’s list to compare. They’d need to top listings like:

• Buy bungees for septic tank

• Replace the dental floss on the tree-house steps

• Put putty on the extension cords to Mom’s yurt

So, as I struggle with all the joys of managing my castle — I can’t help thinking that my day-to-day tasks, and the list that goes with them, are never ending. Non-homeowners should rejoice that their little post-it notes are wimpy compared to ours. Someday maybe they’ll choose to buy into home ownership, and discover that at the bottom of every to-do list are the words, “to be continued.”

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