My House has Wrinkles.

I’m starting to look like my house. They say, “We are what we eat.”, or that people look like their pets. I’m ready to take it one step further…

Why is it when one travels to Europe and tours all the old castles and huts, that we thrill in the drooping-crackety old appearances of everything? People pay to see history written in the chipped mortar and sun-bleached siding that reveals so much ‘character’. It’s not old, it’s ‘stately’.

Now, imagine trying to sell tours of your place for $5 bucks admission — just to show off the broken hot water tank. You kidding? You’d be told to call your insurance company!

So there you have it. We really are living in a big scrapbook box of ourselves. All the home’s scrapes and scars were caused by us, anyway — The goose bump on your head perfectly fits the indent on the counter top, where you hit it.

That must mean a home remodel is equivalent to a face job, or boob lift. It makes sense. Some of us stay fit and concern ourselves with our appearance, and others don’t — And, their house becomes a reflection of that.

I venture to say, then, that if my house has gray hair and wrinkles — I’ll let it grow old, naturally, just like me.

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