My Weather-O-Meter

Mother nature just pooped on me.

I think it’s fair to say that as a homeowner, I’m more sensitive to the natural element’s effect on my mood.

Now, if I was a renter, I would still be aware of ice, snow, wind… But, it’s because I’d be watching it on TV. Lucky me — as a homeowner I get to experience, first hand, the thrill of fixing all the worldly hiccups. I’m talkin’ broken gutters, clogged drains, and the occasional basement transformed into an Olympic swimming pool.

I like this time of year — don’t get me wrong. The holidays are wonderful. I love the decorations, food, and sounds of my children destroying things. It’s just that the dang weather multiplies my work around the house. And, more work means more scrapes, bruises, and apologies to my wife for all the cursing language.

So, I guess I could move to a warmer climate. Or, I can accept the fact that this is the home-moaner’s season for complaining.

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