Neighborhood Posturing.

Lets form a committee to study the effects of butterfly poop. Or, maybe our village should allow senior citizen nudist pinochle. What matters is that our neighborhood outmaneuver other neighborhoods by being seen as the leader in building a communal love-sandwich. RIGHT?

Is it possible that people in any given stomping ground would flex neighborly muscle to inflate their hierarchic standing? YOU BET!

Save the Stumps. Raise money for newts. Or, even protest the weather — it’s all in the name of property values, neighborhood image, and protecting our children’s future.

Me? Get involved? Hell, I can’t find my keys in the morning. I get lost in the grocery store. You don’t want me as a leader or decision maker. So, I’ll just write checks, instead. That’s the American way — But, wait. I’m too cheap. Maybe I will volunteer for the benefit of my hamlet. Graffiti removal, roadside cleanup, or maybe Little League Hop-Scotch… I’m your man.

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