My trees are taking a nap.

Well, my trees have decided to settle down for the winter. But, of course, they’ll dump their gorgeous plumes all over my yard before they say adios. I wish they’d invent hair-nets for trees!

It’s become the ‘ATTACK of the LEAVES.’ I can’t keep up. And, by the way… Answer this one: How is it that the trees are on the neighbor’s side of the fence, but the mess is on my side? EEK! I want to strangle ‘em. But, if I was to grab and shake the beasts, there’d be even more mess.

I do enjoy the colors. And the huge piles remind me of my childhood — hours playing and making havoc after my father had so neatly arranged the mounds.

The other benefit is the sudden burst of light and a new-found view, as a result of natures’ dandruff. I can see through the trees and discover all the wonderful sights hidden behind the muff, for so long. There’s actually an horizon out there!

Say goodbye to the leaves as they fall to the ground, and be happy that next spring we’ll be entertained with a new burst of green.

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