My House: The Igloo

Wow. My house is shivering. I wish I could wrap it in a giant electric blanket.There’s so much cold and snow, outside. The snow plows won’t even venture to get near our place. They don’t want to get stuck. We’re hunkered down with the essentials: snow shovel, coffee, boots, and more coffee. And my poor house is the one taking on the brunt of all this blasted weather.

Everything is frozen — Doors won’t open — The windows are frosted over. EEK! The local hockey team is using my driveway for practice. This is extreme.

So, that’s it. The fireplace and furnace are on overdrive. The wind chill factor, outside, is somewhere in the ‘frozen pipes’ territory. And I’m praying for Spring to arrive. I know that means rain, bugs, mud, and kids in cute bunny suits. But, I’m ready. Where’s the Global Warming? Bring it on!

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